She is  passionate about social media and communication and thrive on challenges and questioning.  Doctoral Candidate in Communication at the University of Huelva and Researcher at the 'Ágora' Research Group (HUM-648). She has received an award from The Washington Academy of Political Arts & Sciences for her research on the hashtag #StopIslam and Instagram guidelines.  She enjoyes exchanging information with people around the world and learning from other perspectives that encourage critical thinking and the improvement of the digital world.


Otherness as a form of intersubjective social exclusion: Conceptual discussion from the current communicative scenario

Luis Miguel Romero-Rodriguez, Sabina Civila, & Ignacio Aguaded

Journal of Information, Communication and Ethics in Society

Social media fostering happiness management: Three luxury brands case study on Instagram

Bárbara Castillo- Abdul & Ana Pérez Escoda Sabina Civila

Corporate Governance: The International Journal of Business in Society

#Mixedcouples on TikTok: Performative hybridization and identity in the face of discrimination

Sabina Civila & Daniela Jaramillo-Dent

Social Media and Society

The Demonization of Islam through Social Media: A Case Study of# Stopislam in Instagram

Sabina Civila, Luis Miguel Romero-Rodriguez, & Amparo Civila


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The Media Competence of Instatubers

Instagramers and youtubers for the transmedia empowerment of Andalusian citizens. The media literacy of Instatuber.


Competencia mediática de los prosumidores emergentes.